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Wooping Shop Health is a must have plugin for all WooCommerce webshops, and the best part: it’s 100% free

Our intricate scoring system instantly tells you which products can do better!


Wooping Shop Health analyzes your entire webshop and provides actionable recommendations to enhance your webshop’s performance.

WooCommerce settings

Product settings

Product performance

Customer behaviour

Actionable advice

All about your shop’s health

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What exactly is Wooping Shop Health?

Shop Health is a powerful tool that provides deep insights into the status of your webshop. We monitor your WooCommerce settings, your product settings, sales performance, stock levels and customer behavior. On top of all that, Shop Health gives actionable advice on how to improve your sales so you can make Woo work for you!

Do I need any other plugins?

Aside from WooCommerce? Nope! Wooping Shop Health is a stand-alone plugin. We are, however, working on a variety of plugins to automate improvements for your webshop.

I’m not that tech savvy, is Shop Health for me?

Yes, Shop Health provides insight in your shop status and WooCommerce implementation. Shop Health gives you advice on a better configuration of your settings and how to improve your webshop / sales. You don’t need to know any coding or styling to follow up on our advice.

Is it really free?

Yes, we intend to keep our Shop Health plugin free for all. While we do plan to offer commercial plugins to automate your shop improvements, these are entirely optional and not required to benefit from the core features of Shop Health.

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